Réalisations et Exploits
Réalisations et Exploits
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My Gordon setters are very polyvalent dogs, thank you to their owners who worked hard for those achivements. Congratulations to all !!

Voici quelques réalisations et exploits de mes Gordon, Félicitaions aux propriétaires qui ont travailler fort à leurs accomplissements!!!

Marianne Brauchi
Gaelwynd Sherlock O'Gordonstar

2010: Top Obedience Dog in Canada

Dominic Werotte
Gordonstar Whisky Bess

First FDX (Field Dog Excellence) Gordon setter in Canada

Jean-Marc Dugas
Gordonstar KXH Sugar

Water search: Police dogs are often used to help fight and solve crime here in the Maritimes. But, thanks to the efforts of a dog trainer in Shediac, volunteer search dogs are now being used to help solve missing person cases. The dogs are trained to search for human remains.

Marco Frohlich
Gordonstar Jazz

Quebec search and rescue association (AQBRS)


Carolle Marchand
Gordonstar Cassandre